What Causes Asphalt Parking Lot Breakdown?

A parking lot is a critical part of any Ohio business. A problem is that a parking lot often slowly starts fall apart and fill with potholes or cracks. There are actually a number of reasons for this. Here are some of the things that can cause an asphalt parking lot to break down and get potholes in Ohio.

Improper Installation

One possible reason is that the parking lot was not installed properly. If something is wrong with the base, then the asphalt surface will likely start to break down, crack and form potholes very soon after installation. This is why it is important to pick an Ohio paving company with extensive experience in the state.

Using Salt in Winter

Salt can enhance the damage done by the freeze-thaw cycle during winters in Ohio. It can actually cause ice to melt, seep into the asphalt and then refreeze. The result will be potholes and cracks. The surface will degrade visibly over time. Sand or other safer options should be used instead of salt.

Excessive Weight Loads

A major reason parking lots in Ohio break down and get potholes is due to excessive weight loads. Having a large number of heavy vehicles driving over the surface will begin to break apart the asphalt over time. Excessive weight is a real problem with parking lots that are used for loading or unloading large shipments for a business.

Oil and Chemical Spots

Oil, fuel or other chemicals can sometimes leak from cars parked in the lot. Those oil and chemical spots can wreak havoc on a parking lot. They can break apart the structure of the asphalt or get underneath to the base and cause problems. Oil and chemical spills need to be dealt with as soon as possible after they are detected.

Tree Roots

Trees are often planted in or around parking lots in Ohio. Those trees can actually destroy the parking lot over time. Tree roots can spread out and break through the base under the asphalt lot. They can burst up slowly through the asphalt in some situations. Trees and roots need to be managed in a parking lot by doing something like installing a root shield around the asphalt.

Standing Water

A final cause for parking lot damage in Ohio is standing pools of water. Puddles of water will gradually work down through the asphalt and make it to the base layer. This is where it will destroy the base leading to potholes and cracks. Standing water problems usually need to be repaired by a professional paving service.