Concrete Services

Not only does COA deal with asphalt services for your lot or drive but with concrete as well. Whether it’s a new side walk in front of your business or a concrete apron in front of your garage, COA has you covered.

Concrete is a great way to add extra strength where asphalt cant, like a dumpster pad or loading dock for semi- trailers. With concrete, you can never go wrong because of its long lasting durability and resistance to the elements.


Catch Basins & Repairs

Catch Basins and Repairs

When catch basins are broken or causing a hazardous situation, it is time to replace or Repair. C.O.A offers both solutions. C.O.A uses an ODOT Class C mixture when repairing around a catch basin to ensure it will last for many years to come. Give us a call or email for a free sight survey.




Curb Repair & Replacement

Curb Repair and Replacement

C.O.A offers curb repair & replacement to help damage or broken sections look great again. Curbs are a great way to help people know when to stop so they don’t run into your landscape or inaccessible areas. Not only do concrete curbs serve a purpose but also look great and have a nice ‘curb appeal’ to your business.









Concrete sidewalks is another great way to spruce up your home or business. This not only creates great curb appeal but also shows customers where to walk. COA’s custom concrete sidewalks offer great integrity and durability. C.O.A provides all sidewalks with a non-slip broom finish and evenly spaced toll joints for crack control. A cure and seal is also applied after the completion of job to help keep water out and integrity in.






Apron & Approach

Apron and Approach

Most aprons or approaches for an asphalt lot or drive are asphalt but usually these spots tend to wear themselves out a lot quicker than other spots because of all the heavy traffic they encounter. Replacing with a concrete apron or approach is a much more cost effective way than having to fix them every few years. COA uses an ODOT Class C concrete mix when pouring these kinds of pads at 8” to 12” thick, reinforced with 10 gauge wire mesh and or ½ rebar depending upon local code or plan specs.



Dumpster Pad & Loading Dock

Dumpster Pad and Loading-dock

This is where the heaviest of wear and tear goes on in your lot. Making sure your dumpster pad and or loading dock has the right concrete to handle the load is important. COA uses an ODOT Class C mixture for these pours at 6” to 12” inches thick reinforced with 10 gauge wire mesh and or ½ rebar depending upon local code or plan specs.