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How Does Infrared Parking Lot Repair Work And Can It Save Me Money On My Parking Lot In The Long Run?

Asphalt parking lots endure a lot of wear and tear from traffic and weather conditions. They may develop cracks and potholes. Infrared parking lot repair is a newer technique to fix these issues. It is a material saving method and offers a long wear life for repairs. It makes the base of the asphalt more resistant to water damages which are a major cause of cracking and deterioration. In the long and short run this method of repair may save money.

Infrared Asphalt Repair Columus OhioHow Infrared Repair Works

When there is a pothole or crack in asphalt, infrared repair works by using infrared heat to melt the asphalt. Melting the asphalt does not burn it. It is then loosened with rakes and sprayed with rejuvenator to restore it into the same condition or better hot mix asphalt which was originally applied.

Traditional methods for applying the hot mix asphalt, raking, smoothing and grading the surface are then used. The repair area is then compacted from edge to middle and creates a thermal bond between base and repair. This thermal bond allows better adhesion between these layers.

Once the traditional compaction is complete this technique of melting will allow the repair to be seamless. Water cannot get in if there is no seam on the edges of the repair. This process assures no seams due to the already melted and compacted area bonding with the new hot mix.

Resistance To Water Damage

Water damage is a major cause of splitting and cracking. The water goes through the seams in the asphalt repair and settles on the base underneath the asphalt. When weather turns cold the water may freeze into ice. This pressure stresses the surface above until the asphalt cracks or splits. Using infrared repair will result in less chance for water to come between the base and the surface by eliminating repair seams.

Saving Money On Repairs

Traditional methods of asphalt repair leave seams where the repair was made. This repaired area may need more repair within a short time frame due to underlying water damage. Infrared repair avoids these costs because the heat of the process allows more compaction and bonding of the new repair material. It allows for seamless repair which will stop water from leaking to the base. This repair will also have a higher compaction rate making it stronger and more durable while enabling longer wear life.

Infrared asphalt repair works by melting the existing asphalt in place and bonding a new layer of asphalt onto it. This will make for a better compacted and seamless repair. A seamless repair will prevent water damage to the area and stop new cracks and splits from forming. The high compaction and thermal properties will make the repair surface bond stronger for better adhesion. Longer wear life and less chance of water damage make this process longer lasting and will save money in the long run.