New Parking Lot Driveway Construction

Columbus Ohio Asphalt can help with any new construction parking lot or driveway for your business or residential home. There are a few different aspects when considering a new parking lot or driveway like:

  • Excavation
  • Drainage
  • Gravel & Base
  • Base and topping thickness
  • Striping Layout



To start off any normal job we first remove the sod and determine soil type & stability to further comprehend what gravel base and depth is needed for longevity.





Drainage & Catch Basin

Drainage Catch Basin

After Excavation of sod, starts the process of setting all catch basins and drainage systems. It’s important to have a good drainage system for any parking lot or driveway, big or small. Drainage is key to having a good product and parking lot for many years to come.




Base & Gravel Compaction

Base Gravel Compaction

Once excavation and drainage is complete, now begins the compaction of the stone base layer. Compaction is a very important aspect to any long term performance of any parking lot or driveway. All gravel and stone base layer varies, depending on purpose of parking lot or driveway, (Commercial, Residential, Heavy Traffic, Light Traffic, etc.).




Asphalt Base Layer

Asphalt Base Layer 402

This picture shows the bigger aggregate of the base layer compared to the smaller aggregate in top layer. The larger aggregate provides a stable, durable base. The Larger aggregate base mix is used more commonly on commercial applications to support heavy traffic.




Asphalt Topping

Asphalt Topping 404

As you can see in the illustration to the left that the asphalt topping is much finer than the asphalt base layer. This is a smaller aggregate based asphalt mix and its purpose is to produce a tighter, closed surface that helps to seal out water. This also provides a much finer, more  attractive finish.







Layout & Striping

Layout Striping

Not only do you want your paving to look good but your striping and parking lot signals need to be informative, easy to see, and functional. Line striping does more than just show drivers where to park their car, its design should be to help navigate safely through and around parked cars or moving vehicles and drive lanes. Traditional colors always work well but we can apply custom stencils or colors upon request.