Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt needs to be maintained well to get as much life out of it as possible. If asphalt remains untreated or unmaintained you could have a serious expense on your hands. Problems almost always snowball, so if you think that there might be a small problem with your parking lot or drive call us for a free site evaluation, small problems can turn into large expensive ones if left untreated.

Remember every job is different so don’t hesitate if you’re unsure about your lot or drive, give COA a call or email. The descriptions below gives a little insight and detail into all Maintenance we offer:

Crack Fill

Crack Fill

When your lot or drive starts to get cracks, COA is here to fix the problem. Our PL crackfill rubber is a high quality rubber that stops water and dirt from further deteriorating and destroying your investment. Crack fill is a great and easy alternative to fixing a problem that most business owners and homeowners run into with asphalt lots or drives. Not only will this help with the longevity of your investment but will also keep pesky weeds and debris from working their way into your cracks.



Seal Coat

After a few years of sun, rain, snow, ice, traffic, salt, and just heavy foot traffic your lot or drive will start to dull and lose its once beautiful rich, black color, When this top layer of color and tar start to be absent from your pavement it’s time to start thinking about restoring your worn out lot or drive to its former glory. COA Offers a high quality Star Seal manufactured coal Tar sealer when rejuvenating your investment. This sealer not only makes your lot look new but also acts a barrier to keep the elements out and your wallet full.

Line Striping/Parking Signals

Line Striping Parking Signals

Not only does heavy traffic and the elements remove the oils out of your asphalt, but your designated parking lines and signals also fade. Making sure your striping and parking lot signals are informative, easy to see, and functional is important. Line striping does more than just show drivers where to park their car, its design should be to help navigate easily through and around your parking lot. Traditional colors always work well but COA can apply custom stencils or colors upon request.



Parking Lot Drainage Repair

Parking Lot Drainage Repair

Once your Parking lot or drive drainage system becomes clogged or broken, COA can fix the problem before it becomes an expensive or hazardous problem. Drainage is key keeping your investment in great shape. If your investment isn’t draining well then fixing the problem before it leads to further damage, is a smart choice for any business owner or homeowner. COA can unclog or even replace existing drainages system if need be upon further inspection.