Asphalt Overlay Contractor in Columbus Ohio

Overlaying a parking lot is the most cost effective way to achieve a brand new parking lot look without the full cost of a new parking lot. A couple things that need to be consider when overlaying a parking lot is existing heights of buildings or other structures such as catch basins or sidewalks. COA may have to mill (grind away asphalt) certain areas of asphalt as to not exceed certain heights on these structures. All these variables differ from job to job.

Cleaning is another huge aspect of making sure the two layers adhere well to one another. The cleaner the existing lot to be over laid is, the better the SS tack coat will adhere the two layers together.

How Does Having an Asphalt Overlay on My Parking Lot Improve the Value of My Commercial Property in Columbus Ohio?

When you are the owner or manager of a commercial property, maintenance and upkeep is a key factor to continued success. Whether you are renting units to others or operating a business from an office, ensuring your parking lot is properly paved with an asphalt overlay is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Understanding the value of utilizing an asphalt overlay is a way to ensure you are capable of maintaining your company’s success for years to come.

Visual Appeal

As a commercial property owner or manager it is essential to have a visually appealing place of work or business, whether you are renting units to individuals or if you are utilizing the property to conduct business yourself. With a more visually appealing commercial property it is possible to receive a higher appraisal value while also building credibility and a professional reputation as a business owner and manager.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Using an asphalt overlay in a timely manner is a way to ensure you are able to maintain the longevity and appearance of your commercial property at a reduced cost. Installing asphalt overlays rather than a complete reconstruction of entire lot can help to keep property parking lots level and without potholes and other potential damage. Asphalt overlays are also ideal when performed before complete base failure occurs due to lack of routine maintenance.

Budgeting Benefits

One of the major advantages of having an asphalt overlay used with commercial properties is the ability to save on budgeting while cutting back on unnecessary expenses. Installing an asphalt overlay gives you the ability to maintain the upkeep or commercial properties without investing in an entirely new paved parking lot or area for residents and parking spots. If you are currently on a budget, working closely with just one asphalt team of professional specialists is a way to ensure your ability to afford maintenance and upkeep over time. With a scheduled routine in place for asphalt overlays it is also likely to have the option of receiving discount rates for returning customers.

Taking the time to work with asphalt companies who specialize in overlays for commercial properties gives you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of running and growing your business in any line of work. Utilizing a team that works to ensure asphalt is properly installed and of high-quality allows you to move forward with other plans you have in mind for the future of your commercial properties.