What to look for when hiring an asphalt paving company in Columbus, Ohio before hiring them to install or replace your parking lot?

A parking lot is an important part of any Columbus business. A good parking lot can attract new customers and increase revenues. Picking a company to create a parking lot requires a little work. Here is what to look for when hiring an asphalt paving company in Columbus, Ohio to install or replace a parking lot.

Years of Experience Doing Commercial Paving

The first thing to look for is years of experience doing commercial paving in the Columbus, Ohio area. It is best to look for companies that have been doing paving for five to ten years or more. This ensures the company has all the skills and equipment necessary to do the job properly. Inexperienced contractors might make fundamental mistakes that will lead to a parking lot that falls apart and degrades after only a few seasons.

Sufficient Scope of Work

The second thing to look for in a paving company in Columbus, Ohio is a sufficient scope of work. This is the written list of what the company will take care of when doing the paving. Some companies might perform only a very narrow subset of what needs to be done. Review the scope of work to ensure that it covers everything that will be required to install or place a parking lot. Ask to add things to the document if there seems to be something important missing.

Quality Materials

Check that the asphalt paving company is using quality materials. The materials used should all be fairly modern and from manufacturers known to create quality products. This is essential since the wrong materials in Columbus, Ohio could lead to an unattractive parking lot that will have problems almost immediately. Most contractors will clearly state where the materials come from so that it is possible to research them first.

References or Testimonials

A successful asphalt paving company in Columbus, Ohio will have references or testimonials from previously completed work. Ask for those references or testimonials and check them. If there is an example of a previously created parking lot in the area, then go look at it. Speak to references about what it was like working with the company. Checking references is important because it can reveal hidden things about the paving contractor.

Valid Insurance

The final thing to look for is valid insurance. Any company that has been in business for many years should have insurance. This is something necessary because insurance will pay for things such as damage to the property during installation or injuries to workers on the job. Do not hire an asphalt paving company in Columbus without insurance to avoid liability issues.